Hospice Care

Hospice Care Enhances Life So That You Can Truly Treasure Your Moments Together.

Hospice Care is specialized medical care providing pain and symptom management, emotional, and spiritual support to patients who no longer seeking curative treatment and for whom life expectancy is 6 months or less. This care is provided by an interdisciplinary team of  hospice professionals including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, CNAs, Social Workers, Chaplains, Volunteers, and other specialists who work together with your primary health care provider. Caring Seasons Health is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you and your loved ones navigate your care needs.

How Does Hospice Care Help?

We provide pain and symptom management, emotional and spiritual support, as well as grief counseling for the patient, caregiver and family. Some of the ways in which we help are to:

  • Support patient and family goals and wishes
  • Manage pain, symptoms, and medications
  • Provide comfort care
  • Facilitate complex decision making through a supportive interdisciplinary team
  • Provide Grief Support and Spiritual Care for Family members

Where is Care Provided?

Hospice Care is provided wherever the patient receives care – in your private home, nursing center, assisted living community, hospital, and when symptoms cannot be managed elsewhere, inpatient units.

When Do I Call Hospice?

We recommend you call as soon as possible. You or your loved one does not have to be in your final days to be provided Hospice Care. Medicare provides a six month hospice benefit –not six weeks, not six days; which is a common misconception. Often people who receive Hospice Care in fact live longer than six months and live a fuller, more pain free life. Studies show that patients who receive Hospice Care may actually live longer.

How is Hospice Care Paid For?

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private Pay
  • VA

Please call us if you have further questions. We would be honored to provide care to you or your loved one. 803.369.6255